he Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera is considered nowadays as “The One”, the pure Porsche. Born in 1983, the goal of the 3.2 was to restore the 911’s image. The outcome is simply the best 911 ever, according to the purists.

Basically, it is an evolution of the 2.7 SC, which didn’t have a lot of success, compared to the new born 944. Nevertheless, the 3.2 overtook the market with its beautiful body and interior

With all its new mechanical improvements, the 3.2 is just the reflect of Porsche’s victories in competition. So when you buy a 3.2, you buy all Porsche’s legacy with it.

History of the car


his car was seized by the police for years. While it has only 20.000 kilometres when restituted, the kilometre indicator was kept by the justice. Consequently, we have installed a new one and have driven the car for 8.000 kilometres since 2013. The car has today 28.000 kilometres and is doubtlessly in concours condition.

The car is strictly in the same condition as factory-exit. It has not been modified; its body is full origin, just like its gearbox and other mechanical systems.

A flawless functioning status and perfectly drivable.


First registration: 26.09.1986
Kilometers: 28.000 km
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine power: 231 HP
Engine capacity: 3200cc
Engine architecture: Flat-6
Transmission: Rear
Gearbox: G50 – Manual-5
Exterior color: Blue
Interior color: Blue leather
Number of doors: 2
Number of seats: 4



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