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Your first choice for known nerve damage should be gabapentin, and your first choice for pain that is suddenly worse than expected with no signs of worsening disease should be amantadine. This pain is often not protective because chronic pain is generally not caused by conditions that require rest for tissue healing, even if an acute injury that might have healed actually started the pain process. If sedation occurs and the dose is reduced, sedation can often be avoided if the dose is slowly titrated back up to its original high/therapeutic level over several weeks. Data from recent pharmacokinetic studies indicate that twice daily dosing is probably more effective than the traditional once daily dosing in dogsLess information is available about the use of amantadine than use of gabapentin for the treatment of chronic pain in veterinary patients, but 1 controlled research study of dogs with chronic refractory hindlimb osteoarthritis has been reported.No adverse effects or drug interactions in dogs or cats receiving amantadine have been reported.Amantadine is moderately expensive. Xylitol is liver toxic when overdosed and in very high amounts (about 45 mg/lb) hypoglycemia can develop. In its role in pain management, amantadine antagonizes N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors in the central nervous system (Amantadine plays a role in pain control because central sensitization, often called central plasticity,Your first choice for known nerve damage should be gabapentin, and your first choice for pain that is suddenly worse than expected with no signs of worsening disease should be amantadine.Amantadine should be considered as part of the initial multimodal therapy for any patient that has moderate to severe chronic pain and as an add-on drug for patients that have worsening chronic pain despite presumably adequate pain control and no worsening of the inciting disease.Because amantadine’s contribution to pain relief is not really analgesia (it is technically called antihyperalgesia), the drug must be used as part of a multimodal protocol with true analgesic drugs like NSAIDs, opioids, and gabapentin. Unfortunately, lack of research is a common problem for most methods of chronic pain treatment in veterinary medicine. Does your dog have severe nerve pain? Dr. Grubb is a board certified veterinary anesthesiologist with a strong clinical interest and research focus in pain management. 2008 was one of the earliest references I could find to gabapentin in the veterinary world. History can always tell us a lot, as can the money trail. There was a short article on Veterinary Information Network (VIN), revised in 2017. Either or both can be part of initial therapy for chronic osteoarthritis pain. Examples of neuropathic pain commonly encountered in veterinary medicine include nerve entrapment, nerve damage after surgery or trauma, amputations, tumors associated with or impinging on nerves, lumbosacral disc disease/degeneration, discospondylitis, feline lower urinary tract disease, chronic changes associated with osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) (Unfortunately, the changes that lead to chronic pain are neither predictable nor consistent, making pain a truly individual sensation that often requires individual therapy. Gabapentin and amantadine are used as part of analgesic protocols for chronic pain relief in dogs and cats. However, anti-inflammatory drugs alone may not completely alleviate pain that is moderate to severe and/or longstanding. Sedation is more common in patients receiving other sedating drugs (e.g., tramadol). Dosing at 1 to 2 mg/kg PO q12h is supported by pharmacokinetic studies in dogsNOTE: Gabapentin is also commonly used for behavior modification, especially in cats, before stressful events such as trips to a veterinary clinic.Amantadine is a very interesting drug with multiple uses stemming from varied mechanisms of action.

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